Large Specimens in 6" to 10" pots
We occasionally have very unique Lady Palms in 6" to 10" pot sizes and this page will showcase some of those available.  Note the age of some of these specimens - named varieties are extremely slow growing (making them excellent houseplants). 

These are very limited in supply, so it's best to call and check availability before you order.  Or, send us an email.  

Daikokuten variety in 6-7 inch pot
Daikokuten in 6" pot
The 6" pot Rhapis excelsa 'Daikokuten' shown above is very unusual in that this variety tends to put lots of energy into growing its huge blue-green leaves and thick main cane, and doesn't generally grow "pups" until it reaches a much bigger size.  'Daikokuten' is a very robust type and somewhat rare.  These are 26" to 28" tall. 
156.  6"- 7"pot 'DAIKOKUTEN'  2-3 canes 7 years old  $145

Kodaruma variety in 7-8 inch pot
Kodaruma in 7-8" pot
'Kodaruma' is a "miniature" variety and sprouts numerous pups at a young age. It is excellent for Bonsai.  These are 18" to 24" tall. 
27.  6" pot 'KODARUMA'  2-3 canes  7 years old  $70
28.  7" pot 'KODARUMA'  3-5 canes  8 years old  $98

Kodaruma in 8-9 inch pot
Kodaruma in 8" pot
'Kodaruma' in this size has lots of canes and pups - gorgeous specimens!  These are usually 24" to 28" tall. 
29.  8" pot  'KODARUMA'  5-7 canes  10 years old  $140
We also have the "other" mini variety:
37.  8" pot  'GYOKUHO'    5-7 canes  10 years old  Inquire

Kodaruma variety in 10 inch pot
Kodaruma in 10" pot
The 'Kodaruma' shown above is almost 12 years old, yet is 28" to 32" tall.  This size makes a lovely floor accent or can be displayed on a low table. 
30.  10" pot  'KODARUMA'  7-8 canes  12 years old  $190
38.  10" pot  'GYOKUHO'     7-8 canes  12 years old  $225
Note: tall palms over 28" tall require an additional shipping charge
of $15 to 30 for a UPS oversized box.
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