Sago palm in 12 inch clay pot (over-sized 10 inch plastic pot specimen)
Cycas revoluta - "SAGO PALMS" Seed & Pups
A landscape accent in warm climates, Sago Palms are also exotic houseplants. Young plants resemble ferns, slowly grow a thick trunk, and eventually develop a palm like appearance after decades of growth. Cycas are pseudo palms, actually being a member of the conifer family. Interestingly, this ancient species is one of the few survivors of the prehistoric dinosaur age. 
These long-lived plants tolerate neglect or thrive with attention, adapt to bright indoor light or full sun, and have a wide temperature range from 15 to 120 degrees. A slow growth rate allows most indoor specimens to remain in the same container indefinitely. Treat as a cactus - water when almost dry and seldom fertilize. 
6 inch plastic pot size planted in 7 inch clay Bonsai Pot & Saucer
6" Sago Palm in 7" Bonsai Pot
Our Sago palm seed is harvested fresh each year and is available from late March to July.   It is big, heavy seed, almost the size of a walnut. 
520.  Cycas revoluta seed - package of  25    $35 
521.  Cycas revoluta seed - package of  40    $50 
522.  Cycas revoluta seed - package of 90      $95 
523.  Cycas revoluta seed - package of 250   $240 
524.  Cycas revoluta seed - package of 500   $400 
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to read an article about growing Sagos from seed.
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to read an article about planting & growing pups.
We developed our own high quality custom-blended potting soil years ago and use it for all the plants we grow, including starting palm seedlings. It is offered in two sizes: 
220.  4 quarts of Soil in a  6" x 6" x 6" box          $20.00
221. 16 quarts of soil in a 12" x 12" x 12" box     $48.00
Note: We require a $35 minimum order.
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