Decorative Pots
5" Bonsai Pot & Saucer and 10" Ming Pot
Exceptional plants are complemented by fine containers. The following selections are perfect for palms and other outstanding ornamentals. 
Rhapis excelsa 'TENZAN' shown in 5", 7", and 9" BONSAI sets.
Made in America, these handsome containers are heavy, resistant to breakage, and far superior to many imported clay pots. Saucers are uniquely glazed inside to prevent water and moisture from harming furniture and floors. They are available in a rich chocolate brown. 
Rhapis excelsa 'DARUMA' shown in 8", 12", and 10" MING pots
An American product base on an Oriental style, Ming pots enhance both plants and surroundings. Color is Chocolate, a matte brown glaze. Shown above with ornamental wood bases, no longer available. 
We developed our own high quality custom-blended potting soil years ago and use it for all the plants we grow, including starting palm seedlings. It is offered in two sizes: 
220.  4 quarts of Soil in a  6" x 6" x 6" box          $20.00
221. 16 quarts of soil in a 12" x 12" x 12" box     $48.00

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