Extensive Collections Of Rhapis Palms

Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami, Florida: 
Rhapis excelsa, including green and variegated cultivars,
and R. subtilis, R. humilis, R. laosensis, and Rhapis sp. 
Huge Rhapis excelsa at Fairchild Tropical Garden, Miami, Florida
The picture above shows an 80' (26 m) long hedge of large "standard" Rhapis excelsa, planted as single canes 6' (2 m) apart in 1939. Lynn McKamey stands at one end of the 12' (4 m) tall hedge; she and Paul Drummond, a past president of the International Palm Society, are walking along the vast length of it.

The Huntington Botanical Garden in San Marino, California: 
Rhapis humilis, R. excelsa and cultivars,
R. laosensis, and R. species. 
Rhapis excelsa & R.humilis at Huntington Gardens, California
Behind the Huntington museum, a lovely walkway meanders past a rounded clump of Rhapis excelsa 8' (2.5 m) tall and leads to a towering cluster of R. humilis more than 18' (6 m) tall. The mild subtropical climate of southern California is perfectly suited for these two species of Lady Palms, especially for R. humilis which grows best in areas with cool summer nights. R. excelsa easily adapts to this arid region as well as to humid tropical climates.

Opryland Hotel Conservatory in Nashville, Tennessee: 
Rhapis excelsa including rare 
variegated and green cultivars, and R. subtilis. 
Rhapis excelsa in Opryland Hotel Indoor Gardens, Nashville, TN
Opryland Hotel surrounds acres of tropical gardens under glass. The walkway in the Conservatory's Garden Terrace area is lined with clusters of large standard Rhapis excelsa and named varieties 'DARUMA' and 'KODARUMA'. Other species are located throughout the hotel complex. The picture above was taken during the Christmas holiday season. 
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