Sammi Samurai's "Seek and Find" Poster
(for kids only!)
(but mom or dad may have to print it for you)
During the 25 years Rhapis Gardens has grown rare plants and palms, we have exhibited at many commercial trade shows.  It's a tradition to hand out "gimmies" -- hats, yard sticks, key chains, pencils -- however, few exhibitors had anything fun for the kids who came along with their parents. 

One of our employees in the 1980s, the very talented Steve Cornett (who also drew all the illustrations for our Rhapis palm book "Secret of the Orient") came up with the idea of having a cute cartoon "mascot" called Sammi Samurai and creating a poster where lots of tiny little creatures, critters, and objects would be hidden in the drawing for Sammi (and the kids) to find.  It was a hit, and we gave away thousands of these posters. 
We thought it would be fun to put it on Rhapis Gardens web site for all of you to print, or download to view on your screen and share with your kids (yes, it's OK for "big" kids to look for the goodies too!).  Please set your printer to maximum size and use legal sized paper so that the tiny little details can be more easily seen and found.

Link to big Sammi poster to view 
Click on the image above to see a big version. 
(1400 X 850 and 90 k) 
There's over 80 "things" to find in the poster, such as a Shriner, giraffe & pacman in the bamboo forest, and an elf digging up a Rhapis palm. 


Naturally, there was "method in our madness" and the flip side of the poster advertised our book, Secret of the Orient - a Lady Palm reference.

To learn more about the book, simply click on it.  It has "everything" you wanted to know about Lady Palms, and is full of information about these delightful indoor palms; many of the culture guidelines can be used for other houseplants too.  And, it features Sammi Samurai who gives tips about growing Rhapis.

All of us at Rhapis Gardens hope you enjoy Sammi's Poster!  And don't forget to order a copy of the book to see more of him!

Lynn McKamey 

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