Secret of the Orient

By Lynn McKamey

A "Lady Palm" reference
including standard Rhapis excelsa
and other Rhapis palms.

Secret of the Orient is a 52 page reference to all types of "Lady Palms" including Rhapis excelsa, R. humilis, R. subtilis, and other forms not yet botanically classified. Chapters include the 300 year old history of these Far Eastern palms, complete culture and care, descriptions of the named varieties of Rhapis excelsa, plus bonsai suggestions. Numerous color photographs, illustrations, and species comparison charts are included. 

The book also delightfully features "Sammi Samuri" who gives many helpful hints about growing Rhapis. Sammi not only has a black belt, but a green thumb! Here's one of his important messages: 

Introduction to  Secret of the Orient book.
Click on Sammi to read the Book Introduction
Portions of this book have been reprinted in trade publications, consumer magazines, and scientific journals. The 12 page culture chapter contains everything you need to know about growing, propagating, and maintaining your Rhapis. It can also be used as a guide to most indoor palms and many houseplants. 

Copies of Secret of the Orient - A "Lady Palm" Reference are available for $14 each postpaid to U.S. addresses; $18 to overseas addresses. Send check or money order in U.S. funds to RHAPIS GARDENS-WWW, P.O.BOX 287, GREGORY, TX 78359 USA.
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